“Coin Purse” That is quite a lot of gold coins to have on one’s person. Perhaps magic has kept it safe from cut-purses and ne’er-do-wells. I mean, consider Puccini’s travel companions. They were all for looting a dragon’s den when he first met them. Quite the expensive mic-drop.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Behind the bar, Zathrus slightly tilts her head incredulously - hands on her hips - as she listens and replies to Puccini (off-screen).
Puccini, off-screen: "I just knew this would be an issue. So, I came prepared."
Zathrus: "I had no doubts. None at all."

Panel 2
On the other side of the bar, Pōk, Nik and Wak sit at the bar; their mystical gnome disguises still in place. The first still wears a smile, the second scowls with arms crossed, and the third appear sullen, looking off to the right. Puccini stands behind them, lifting a weighty pouch high with his left hand...
Puccini: "This should cover it all."

Panel 3
...only to let it fall to the bar top. He does by opening his hand without moving his arm, holding it in the same position to send home a statement. The impact of the coin purse draws the attention of the three...

Panel 4
...and they lean in close with wide-eyes as the pouch tips over, spilling out its content: gold coins. Puccini turns dramatically, lowering his hand slightly and gesturing with it.
Puccini: "And more."