“Bathroom Break” What can be more important than exposition? A bathroom emergency! Hey, whatever it takes to get away for a private chat.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The view is below the bar top. Still wearing an illusory Gnome disguise, Hob turns away from the viewer and tugs on Puccini's belt. The wizard - viewable only from the waist down - raises his hands, surprised by the action.
Zathrus, off-screen: "It was a few years..."
Puccini, off-screen, interrupting: "Eh? One moment, please."

Panel 2
Hob raises a finger, drawing Puccini's attention as the wizard bends down, resting an arm on a knee and a hand on his hip.
Puccini: "What is it?"

Panel 3
Hob raises a hand and leans in to whisper. Puccini leans in shifting his arm back and holding his knee for balance as he gets closer.

Panel 4
Back at the top of the bar, from Zathrus' point of view, Pōk slowly enjoys a tankard, pinky raised, while Nik glares down at Puccini as the wizard pops his head into view. Beer foam trails away from Nik's tankard as the gobo move it out of the way of Puccini's hand, which now is resting on the bar top.
Puccini: "I forget... where's the privy, again?"
Zathrus, off-screen: "I forget... where's the privy, again?"
Zathrus, off-screen, under her breath: "You blew up the old ones."