“Story Exchange” Whoopsie! Zathrus almost got the Gobos talking. Something is up but I don’t think she imagines it’s gobos in disguise! Puccini seems to have deflected, for now.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The door to the White Bear opens and Hob and Nak - still disguised as gnomes - leave the warm and bright interior behind them. Nak - hand on the door nob - is extra cautious and glances about before proceeding.
Zathrus, off-screen: "So, what's the con?"

Panel 2
Back at the bar, Pōk, Puccini, and Nik give Zathrus (offscreen) varied reactions to her statement. Of the two disguised gobos. Pōk smiles with interests while Nik seems a bit confused, not liking where the conversation is headed. Pucinni stands behind them, casually stroking his beard. He gives her a casual side glance.
Puccini: "Hmm?"
Zathrus, offscreen: "Psh! I've known you before you went gray."

Panel 3
Puccini's disinterest fades slightly as his gaze drifts to Pōk, who has a finger raised and is getting ready to answer Zathrus' follow-up question... much to Nik's shock. Puccini brings his hand down along the length of his beard...
Zathrus, off-screen: "Now, who'd like to tell me why Puccini is running with a donsy of gnomes?"

Panel 4
... before casually extending his arm with a smile, flicking his hand in front of Pōk's face to distract the one-eyed gobo. Nik, with bared teeth, gives Pōk a glare.
Puccini: "First, let's talk about those thugs."