“Incredible Smell” When you don’t want snoopers, you check all potential hiding spaces. Unfortunately, that thoroughness has its drawbacks.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A pulled-back angled shot frames the alley beside the White Bear, the plaster on its walls bare in spots and the ground cluttered with dirt. The two gobos - mystically disguised as gnomes - finish up their search of the area. Hob has went down the left and is currently looking behind a pair of barrels, one of which is on its side. Nak has gone right and has one hand on the privy handle and the other ready to draw a sword as the gobo clears the side of the wooden stall.
Narrator Box: "Out in the alley"

Panel 2
The shot turns, putting the White Bear wall in the background. Hob is blocked from view by the side of the privy on the right, although the barrels are still in view. Nak, with hands still ready, slides a foot back...

Panel 3
...and then steps away, opening the privy door and looking within. A wall of noxious green stench falls out of the privy.

Panel 4
Nak releases the privy door handle and brings fingers to nose to fight off the smell, still keeping a hand on the sword handle. The privy fumes slowly disperse, clinging low like a shallow fog.