“Dangerous Gnomes” This is the part were Puccini tells it all without revealing anything. Well, he had to give her something, right? Just as coin was exchanged for debts and provisions, so too is currency expected during an information exchange. At least in Zathrus’ eyes. The teaser is just to grease the wheels.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Along the center of the bar are three gobos magically disguised as gnomes and behind them is Puccini. He leans in between Pōk and Nak, the former pausing in the beverage drinking to follow the conversation while the former starts to leave, not too happy that the wizard's beard is seeking ears to tickle. Puccini raises a finger as he leans in to whisper with Zathrus (off-screen), shielding his mouth with the other hand to guard against lip-readers. Meanwhile, In mid-pull from a tankard, Wak gives the whole scene a disinterested side-glance.
Puccini, whispering: "We're on a clandestine mission."

Panel 2
The scene flips to the other side of the bar top. Zathrus stands in front of the large cask-wall, the shelf below it lines with bottles of various shapes, colors and alcoholic contents. Her hands are busy with a key ring, having pulled two off. She is looking at the task at hand - soon to disengage a third key from the ring - as she listens to Puccini (off-screen).
Puccini, whispering off-screen: "Things are not what they seem."
Zathrus, whispering: "Why don't they talk?"
Puccini, whispering off-screen: "Thick accents."

Panel 3
The shot closes in and is centered on Zathrus, panning to the left as she turns to the right to return the key ring. She keeps the ring lifted, letting the keys sway. The other hand stays up as well, the third ring soon to join the other two in her grasp. She glances past Puccini towards the entrance as she turns and smiles.
Puccini, whispering off-screen: "Trust me. These are some very dangerous gnomes!"
Zathrus, whispering: "Sure..."

Panel 4
The view centers on the entrance at some distance, as Nik finishes closing the door. Hob has picked up a cloak that was on the ground and is returning it to a wall peg (first seen in comic 27.01).
Zathrus, whispering off-screen: "Dangerous..."
Puccini, off-screen: "That's all you're getting Zath. For now."