“Quest Club” What’s the second rule about questing? You DON’T talk about questing. There are six other rules, but the first two are key! Here is an example in an earlier comic: see the shifty guy in the green cloak near the top? He’s eyeing that group discussing their quest. When those four get to the dungeon or whatever is on that map, you know what they’ll find? Nothing! Because they talked about questing and that ranger got there first with his party!

The same applies to Pirate Club. The first two rules are “Do not talk about buried treasure.”

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In an extreme close-up at the bar, we see Puccini's hand waiting, palm up, as Zathrus' hand hovers above it, the fingers uncurling and the three keys within its grasp loosening, ready to fall.
Zathrus: "Fine. First rule of questing?"

Panel 2
Puccini's hand retracts, clenching the keys. It pauses as Zathrus' hand raises a finger to punctuate her addition to the conversation.
Puccini: "Don't talk about questing."
Zathrus quickly adds: "Especially in taverns."
Zathrus: "We'll talk later in a more private place."

Panel 3
The scene shifts to a wide shot at gobo-level as the six leave the bar area. They are disguised as gnomes, thanks to the magic of Puccini, who can just be seen below the waste near the front of the group. In the back, Nak's eyes roll as the gobo swords-swinger aids an inebriated Fip towards their destination. Behind them can be glimpsed a rather displeased Hob. Just in front of the three is Pōk, who turns to wave back towards Zathrus (off-screen) at the bar. Further ahead, beside Puccini, Nik looks back towards the rest of the group with a scowl. In the front is Wak, who glances around, taking in the main hall area of the tavern.
Zathrus, off-screen: "Good to see you again, Puccini."
Puccini: "Likewise."