“Not Again…” It is just another night in the woods, much like their first night. Bam remembers that night, and a certain earlier encounter. There is a lot of tension there. Smashing that spider is a must for Bam. But Pat is rightfully concerned that it will once more end with the gobos fleeing a spider swarm. It would probably be the right course of action if the experience wasn’t so traumatic for Bam. To Bam, Pat has turned traitor and sided with the enemy! No good deed goes unpunished. And when there is this much tension and emotions are high, poor judgement calls happen. Such as taking a swing at a friend. I think this one is out of the park.

Well, hopefully there are no more giant green forest spiders lurking somewhere out in the wood. With Bam’s current state of mind, another smashed spider might bring this second expedition to a grinding halt. We can’t have that. Not again. And here’s hoping that Pat will land in a soft bush somewhere soon and not take the attack too personally. Of course, this is Gobo Gazette so odds are high that misfortune is right around the corner. Be it spider-related or something entirely different.

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