“Big Game” The gobos have made it through the night without instance, this is a first for them. It is also time for one of their first meals outside the cave. It would seem that our archers have been busy last night hunting, and have brought ingredients for our chef to cook. Sure a couple of squirrels will be a nice addition to a stew pot. Every little helps, right? But one would definitely not call squirrel a big game animal. It would be an appetizer at best to this sizeable group.

Fip’s offerings might be on the meager side, but Zip aimed to please. Literally. You know that you have quite a feast when getting the animal back to camp is tougher than taking the shot that brought it down. What better way to feed a dozen mouths than with a baby wild boar? Quantity ensures full bellies. Two morsels, while welcomed, do not make a bounties for a troupe on the move. With their catches dropped off, that leaves the task of preparation to our ecstatic gobo cook. I might not be up for squirrel kabobs, but campfire pork sounds quite delicious to me.

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