↓ Transcript
Gobos: [Nob is no leader]
Hob: [Nob is our leader]

“Tension Rising” A completely different blow from a horn seems to have released some of Hob‘s tension. However, it doesn’t appear to be enough for the gathered masses. Their questions were not adequately answered and it is clear that their faith in Nob‘s leadership is in question. With the tension rising, Hob’s action against the crown can easily be interpreted as the opening gambit to a coup. The armored gobo is quick to put them in their place and herald is quite adamant until the mob disperses.

It would seem that there will be no regime change today. This however does not mean that Nob is off the hook just yet. Although there is no revolt, a revolting action was committed and needs to be resolved. Hob did not appreciate how Nob handled his apprehension with the horn blowing. The two could have discussed the matter at any time. Instead, the issue fester unspoken deep inside until enough was had. And when enough was enough, Nob broke Hob’s horn. Someone needs to answer for it, the sooner the better. If not, it is quite possible that Nob might just lose a loyal supporter.

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