“Peace Offering” When you do something wrong, the best thing you can do is to make it right. It appears that Nob gets that. But it is also tough to admit publicly that you have made a mistake. So instead, Nob waits until Hob falls asleep, before dashing off under the cover of darkness. By the sound of it, it would seem that Nob has employed the industrious aid of Tik and Tok. Before the sun has even crested the horizon, Nob has returned with the horn repaired.

Won’t this be a very nice surprise when Hob awakens in the morning? It might not be the perfect peace offering – it does replace the damaged property – but it doesn’t make up for the slight against Hob. Perhaps they can speak about it in the morning proper and start things over with a new beginning. Once this immediate problem is resolved, Nob can contemplate this adventure that they are all on and then work on rebuilding the faith of the others in the grand plan. Perhaps the broken horn is the perfect sounding stone, showing Nob that you have to think about others as well as yourself.

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