“Lost Time” Even Hob is being pushed to the limit. Nak was right: Puccini is long-winded. Sure, the explanation is likely logical. But it won’t be a direct path to his point.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A close-up of Puccini, stepping away from the door and further along the wall of their room at the tavern. He cradles his face with the fingertips of his right hand and rolls his eyes up in a defeated gesture as he speaks...
Puccini: "You're right. Time not spent wisely is lost to our assailant."

Panel 2
...but quickly straightens up as he takes another step. His right hand pulling away from his face and turning to raise a pointer finger. Puccini closes his eyes to further emphasize his declaration.
Puccini: "Which is why we are not going out tonight."

Panel 3
The scene shifts to the unamused Hob and Nak in their illusory guises as gnomes. The former has arms crossed high - just below the beard - with pursed lips of disapproval. The latter looks to the side with that trademark grim countenance, but it is more calculating than aversion...

Panel 4
...and Nak's expression changes when the gobo glances back to Puccini. It is a mix of interest with a dash of "I can't believe I'm asking". Hob's demeanor lightens some, taking account of both the question and Nak's mannerism.
Nak: "<What's your plan?>"