“The Enemy has Many Spies and Many Ways of Hearing” Of all the spot checks to fail… At least they won’t be able to understand what’s said. Wait, I mentioned back in chapter 19 that Gobospeak wouldn’t be pictographs if someone in earshot could understand. Oh boy.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Large Panel 1
From a low, tilted angle inside the heavily shadowed privy, Nak - mystically disguised as a gnome - glances to the left with the right hand on the sword hilt and the other out of view, holding the door open. High above in the darkness, hides a figure, yellow eyes and a red forked tail...

Large Panel 2
...which pulls up out of view as Nak looks to the right.

Panel 3
The view moves to the exterior, showing a majority of the outhouse and wall of the building across the alley from the White Bear. The privy door with its moon cut-out is centered in the shot. Nak's hand relaxes on the sword pommel as the "gnome" closes the door and looks towards the tavern (viewer) with a raised eyebrow.
Nak, whispering: "<Clear?>"
Hob, whispering off-screen: "<Clear.>"

Panel 4
The view slowly zooms as Nak walks towards the viewer, with just the top of the head in the shot...
Nak, whispering: <"This is taking too long.>"

Panel 5
...until all that is visible is the moon-cut out and the handle...
Hob, whispering off-screen: "<I'm sure Poo has a good reason to speak with this... Zaf.>"

Panel 6
...which is soon out of view as well. The moon cut-out is quite large at this point, and the individual with the red skin and yellow eyes is now peering out through it.
Nak, whispering off-screen: "<The human is long winded. And so is the dwarf.>"

Panel 7
From the individual's point of view through the moon cut-out, Nak and Hob - also disguised as a gnome - move towards each other. Nak is seen from the back - and only the right side of the head - while Hob's front is mostly seen.
Nak, whispering: "<How hard is it to get rooms? Or a fallback point?>"

Panel 8
Hob gives a shrug as the discussion continues, making a gesture to emphasize the gobo's statement.
Hob, whispering: "<Apparently, these things take time.>"

Panel 9
Nak's expression is seen only by Hob, who is observing the speaker intently...
Nak, whispering: "<Too long. Who knows how far the thief is now.>"

Panel 10
...and then replies just as seriously.
Hob, whispering: "<This is not like you. Eager to fight.>"