“Wasteful Haste” One day, Puccini is going to use illusory magic to create a PowerPoint presentation when he explains things.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini slows his walk along the room wall, almost glancing over his shoulder towards Hob and Nak (both off-screen).
Puccini: "We've had a long day of travel."

Panel 2
He turns, facing the opposite wall while keeping eye contact with his two target listeners.
Puccini: "And before, an encounter with the eldritch entity."

Panel 3
Puccini's stance widens as he turns towards them, bringing his right arm out slightly to place a hand concealed by his cape onto his hip while using the left to gesture a an open hand - palm up - for emphasis.
Puccini: "We shouldn't make out haste... an ally of this assailant."

Panel 4
The view shifts right to a close up of the two gobos that Puccini is trying to influence, both still disguised under illusory magic as gnomes. Hob seems to have softened to the proposal, lowering the crossed arms some while listening, but Nak is harder to read while responding to the wizard.
Nak: "<Then how might we use the rest of the night wisely?>"