“City Census” Puccini sees Zathrus’ town lore very useful. You know what’s also good to know? If the information-giver is trustworthy.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Puccini, closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he declares the second part of his discussion points, visually indicating this with two extended fingers pointing up towards the ceiling.
Puccini: "Second, mystic detection."

Panel 2
The view shifts to Puccini's left, settling on Nak. With eyes down cast and fingers touching a mouth and chin concealed by the illusory beard of the gnome disguise, the gobo thinks hard on all that is being said...
Puccini, offscreen: "I will confirm that the stone is still in the area."

Panel 3
...until Nak's attention is pulled across the room - hand slipping away from the face - as Nik interrupts.
Puccini, offscreen: "That, and some more fact checking with Zathrus, we can then - -"
Nik, interrupting offscreen:"<Let me stop you there.>"

Panel 4
The view shifts to across the room where Pōk lies on the bed against the back wall, wide-brim hat pulled down over a faux gnomish face. Nik is closer - similarly disguised - and leaning against the dresser that is just out of view. Nik's question is directed more towards Nak rather than to Puccini.
Nik: "<Can we really trust this dwarf?>"