Hammering Hangovers!” Originally, I was going to have Fip say “Nice rhyme”. Then I remembered, they aren’t speaking English. What rhymes in English doesn’t necessarily rhyme in another language. Or vice versa. So, I settled for “Well said”, and the exact wording of what Nik said – as with some translations – is up to interpretation. As is much of Gobospeak to non-Gobos.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nik, currently wearing a magical gnome disguise, pushes off and away from the dresser, leaving it out of view. Behind on the bed against the back wall lies Pōk, similarly guised and resting, wide-brim hat pulled low in the front to hid the face. Nik raises a finger while speaking, beginning to slowly walk towards the center of the room.
Nik: "<Getting hit with a hangover is one thing.>"

Panel 2
Nik continues to walk, gesturing to the current gnomish appearance with hands and a glance downward...
Nik: "<Right now, we look like gnomes.>"

Panel 3
...before adopting a calm demeanor with eyes closed and head titled back. The gobo spreads hands wide as if to include all in attendance in this portion of the rebuttal...
Nik: "<But once we are seen, healthy and green...>"
Fip, softly and drunkenly offscreen: "<Well said!>"
Nik, softly: "<Thank you, Fip.>"

Panel 3
...and then suddenly balls up the left hand and slams it into the right's palm with a furious look and energy.
Nik: "<It'll be her hammer that hits us!>"