“Pry Bar(tender)” It would seem that someone has put a wedge to this unified front, putting in a rift that Nik didn’t expect.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nik has arrived at the center point of the room. At the far back corner, Pōk can just be seen over the shoulder of Nak, who is still standing near the middle of the wall opposite from where Nik had started. While Pōk appears to be oblivious in slumber - the wide-brim hat still shielding the face from the light of the room - Nik has Nak's full attention, as the former raises a finger to punctuate the closing sentence. All three gobos (and those not in view) are still under a spell that conceals their natural appearance under the guise of gnomes.
Nik: "<And the dwarf is prying.>"

Panel 2
Nak turns to address Puccini (offscreen) and so does Nik smugly, waiting to take in the wizard's reaction.
Nak: "<Poo, can we trust the dwarf?>"
Puccini, offscreen: "Well..."

Panel 3
The pair maintain their poses as the wizard continues to respond.
Puccini, offscreen: "It has been a while... but I still trust her."

Panel 4
Once finished, Nak steps away from the wall, and gives a wide shrug, leading with the left hand towards Nik, who takes in the approach in utter disbelief.
Nak: "<Then there isn't an issue.>"