“Plans Change” What better time to have a private conversation than when everyone is distracted by Puccini’s exuberant use of words?

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
The scene shifts to the other side of the rented room, showing the wall closest to the door and four of the gobos who are currently disguised as gnomes via magic. Against the wall, Hob makes an inquiry of the wizard (off-screen) and Wak listens in from the stool chair in the far back corner. Nak's attention is on Puccini while Nik's is on the blue-clad gobo's left hand, the straight arm encouraging both forward, even though Nik is not quite ready to move yet.
Hob: "<Okay. We eat, you... magic. What's next?>"

Panel 2
The background - as well as the wall of words that Puccini uses to describe the third part of his plan - fades out as Nak and Nik move closer to the viewer. The former seemingly continues to pay attention to the wizard's statement, straight arm slacking. The latter focuses on Nak and whispers a question.
Nik, whispering: "<What is with you?>"

Panel 3
Puccini's monologue continues as the pair draws near. Nak is now looking more back towards Hob than Puccini. Nik faces forward but glances over the right shoulder while continuing to speak softly.
Nik, whispering: "<Forget this. I still say we take care of this tonight.>"

Panel 4
The visually long-winded speech continues but is almost blocked out of view as the two gobos get very close, both to the viewer and each other as Nak's fingers clench on Nik's shoulder and brings the gobo in to hear the softly spoken words.
"Nak, whispering: "<Change of plans.>"