“Key Please” Legerdemain. Sleight of hand. That is how Nik got the keys, Puccini. You don’t have to be a magician to perform tricks.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Nik and Nak are having a quiet, private conversation in the room which, based on Nik's expression, is pretty serious. Despite Nak being seen from behind, both gobos appear to be gnomes due to a mystical illusion
Puccini, off-screen: "...just before that, food, then sleep."

Panel 2
Nik give Puccini (off-screen) a bit of a smirk as the gobo lifts the left hand to reveal the keys to the other two rooms. Nak steps back and turns to better address the wizard, all business in the declaration.
Nak: "<Good. Let's search the rooms.>"
Puccini, off-screen and weakly: "How'd you get the..."

Panel 3
The view switches to the opposite side of the room to Hob and Wak, similarly disguised as gnomes. Both are looking towards Nak (off-screen) as Hob gestures towards Nik (off-screen).
Nak, offscreen: "<Just to be safe.>"
Hob: "<We'll take one. Finish it twice as fast.>

Panel 4
Hob raises the right hand to catch a thrown key, both the gobos track its movement with their eyes.
Nak, offscreen: "<A wise use of our time.>"