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↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Inside the classroom, Nob rests one hand on the hip while gesturing towards Whiskit (offscreen), with an aloof, authoritative demeanor...
Nob: "<Poo, report. Have you captured my attacker yet?>"

Panel 2
...which devolves into a maniacal stance. Nob's fingers curl as they come up and become the focus of the gobo leader's crazed gaze and toothy grin.
Nob: "<I want to see the fear in their eyes wh - ->"
Whiskit, interrupting offscreen: "<Hold please while I connect you.>"

Panel 3
The long interruption from Whiskit (offscreen) has Nob stiffen up, with fists trembling and wide eyes twitching. The welling anger inside is kept in check...
Whiskit, offscreen: "<There will be a slight delay for translation. Just a moment.>"

Panel 4
...until it bursts out! Nob shifts back slightly, pulling back the right arm like an archer draws a bow, ready to loose a pointing finger to punctuate the gobo's verbal frustration.
Nob: "<I'm going to smack you so hard y - - >"
Puccini transmission from Whiskit, off-screen: "<Puccini here. Um... everything good?>"