“Unrelated Question” A question both unrelated and perhaps forgotten. The first time it was brought up was over a year ago. Shortly after teleporting to an area outside Breakershome (and after the TEHG of 2022), we had an impromptu transport which spurred the original asking. Nob looks just as pleased to hear it as the others were.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Along one of the curved passages of Puccini's tower, a bewildered and frustrated Nob walks and talks with Whiskit, the gobo leader outpacing the homunculus who tries to keep up on fluttering wings, eyes glowing as they provide a communication connection to the far-off wizard.
Nob: "<So now you are breaking fast while looking at a map?>"

Panel 2
The shot zooms in on Whiskit, who is all smiles while conveying the words of Puccini.
Puccini transmission from Whikit: "<There's more to it than that. The good news is the stone is still in town.>"

Panel 3
The view turns to the left and shows a facepalming Nob holding up a hand to Whiskit (off-screen), as if to stop the discussion from going further...
Nob: "<Fine! Fine. But I want my attacker caught.>"
Puccini transmission from Whikit, offscreen: "<Of course.>"

Panel 4
...but the authoritative hand weakens as fingers go limp at the unexpected following question. The other hand slips from the gobo leader's face as it turns to regard Whiskit (off-screen) suspiciously.
Puccini transmission from Whikit: "<Unrelated: can you tell me bit more about Wak?>"