“Mobile Minutes” Do you get the impression that Nob is trying to find a way out of going to classes? Me neither.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Tik and Pat carry their books as they walk through the exit to the hallway and head left, caught up in a private conversation just out of earshot and oblivious to the discussion in the room they just left.
Nob, off-screen: "<Next time, end class for a call.>"

Panel 2
Returning to inside the classroom, Nob - hands on hips - continues to regard Whiskit while standing on the two books stacked upon the chair for extra height. The homunculus, has lowered its waving arm and gestures towards the gobo leader with the other, bearing a grin while responding.
Whiskit: "<Very well>"

Panel 3
The view focuses on Whiskit from Nob's point of view, the homunculus raising a finger and giving a sly wink as it adds a stipulation to Nob's request.
Whiskit: "<I'll end class for calls... and add the missing minutes when we restart after.>"

Panel 4
Flipping angles, Nob continues give Whiskit a meh expression, but raises the chin and makes a shooing gesture with a hand.
Whiskit: "<Fine! Just start the call.>"