“Smooth Operator” Do you remember when Nob started the call but Whiskit was still setting it up? Well, Nob sure does. And while Whiskit technically didn’t do anything wrong, something tells me the little homunculus allowed the misunderstanding to happen.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a hallway of Puccini's tower, Whiskit hovers on fluttering wings and gives a wave for Puccini, who is about to end a "call" with Nob (offscreen). The homunculus' eyes glow white during the transmission...
Puccini transmission through Whiskit: "<If that's it, we'll talk later. Have a great day.>"
Nob, offscreen: "<All right, bye.>"

Panel 2
...but fade to their natural purplish hue as the transmission with the wizard comes to an end. Whiskit's arm lowers and the homunculus offers a smile to Nob (offscreen).
Nob, offscreen: "<Is the call over?>"
Whiskit: "<Yes.>"

Panel 3
Suddenly, the view zooms in and an angry Nob moves into view, pushing Whiskit back with an accusatory finger poking the homunculus' soft torso. Whiskit lifts up both hands defensively as the gobo leader snarls.
Nob: "<At the start... you did that on purpose!>"

Panel 4
Nob turns and walks away upset, moving down the hallway and closer to the viewer. Whiskit gets a mischievous look on its face with a broad smile, bringing up its hands, curled forward like an otter's.