“Silently a Great Doorway was Outlined” No time for exposition, Whiskit! We got some hunting and spelunking to do! And why, you might ask, do they need some used backpacks? You may recall that the gobos left “Gobo Land” with much haste, leaving behind much of their travel supplies.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
In a large view, Tik - now wearing a pale-green-grey backpack - looks back over a shoulder to see Nob and Whiskit descending a flight of curved stairs within Puccini's tower. As the distance between them gets smaller, the three engage in conversation...
Nob: "<Tik! Is everyone ready?>"
Tik: "<Yes. And Pat is cataloging the food stores.>"
Nob: "<Good!>"
Whiskit: "<I hope those old packs work for you. Puccini had to guide a halfling and a troupe of dwarves once - ->"
Bam, off-screen: "<Hey!>"

Panel 2
...which was interrupted by Bam, who (in a similarly large shot) excitedly points out over the viewer towards Whiskit (offscreen). Bam's free hand is clenched around the strap of a similar backpack, which is being worn. Unlike Tok's, which is open. The gobo miner, just behind Bam, glances up with a grin in the midst of finishing packing the backpack.
Bam: "<I can understand what you're saying!>"
Tok: "<Yeah! And without the potion!>"
Whiskit, off-screen: "<Great observation! It's one of the reasons I was created...>"

Panel 3
A wide shot from the side of the stairwell reveals Whiskit, proudly with hands on hips, respond to Bam and Tok's statements. But Nob continues forward, slowly descending out of view. The gobo leader also continues the conversation that was interrupted...
Whiskit: "<A magical interpreter, using a type of telepathy to transl - ->"
Nob: "<That is not important now. Our stay in the tower is temporary at best. Wiz has provided a map, and has marked some caves and abandoned mines.>"

Panel 4
...addressing those gobos in attendance: Bam, now holding each strap of the new backpack and sporting a smile. Tok, getting a second arm in to hoist the pack onto the back.. Tik, standing at attention, a map held low and almost out of sight...
Nob, off-screen: "<You three will scout them out...>"

Panel 5
...and Zip, who leans cross-armed against the wall next to a recessed section at the other end of the large room. The red-hooded gobo gives Nob (off-screen) a barely perceivable nod.
Nob, off-screen: "<While Zip gets Pat fresh supplies.>"

Panel 6
Whiskit's fingers snap and tail twirls as the homunculus offers some more assistance on their travels.
Whiskit: "<I'll get the door...>"

Panel 7
The view changes to outside, deep in an evergreen forest, upon a sheet of solid rock sits the base of Puccini's tower.
Whiskit, with a slight accent: "Bene advenisti."

Panel 8
Almost immediately after Whiskit's words, a section of wall so large that its entirety is out of view - but is likely over ten gobos high - begins to fade. Within can barely be seen Zip near the entrance and, closer to the center, a crate and a couple sacks, Their clarity continues to increase...

Panel 9
...until the wall is non existent. Bam quickly moves into view in front of the crate to take in the outdoors and Zip pushes off the wall to do the same.