“Crystal Ball” Just in case you thought I forgot and was translating gobospeak without an understanding listener, they are not alone! Ah, magic. It can do almost anything. It can even provide CCTV with audio. It can do almost anything!

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Outside of Puccini's tower, Tok, Bam and Tik climb up a rocky ledge in the foreground. Tik has planted one foot on the level chunk of granite and pauses, looking back and raising a hand up to Zip. Heading away from the tower - its vast entrance slowly fading away to a featureless wall - Zip turns and returns a raised hand. A dense evergreen forest awaits the crimson crossbow-gobo.

Panel 2
Eventually the gobo trio - the back of their heads visible in the foreground - come upon an entrance in the side of a mountain. The natural entrance remains but the interior has been hewn and shaped with tools into a roughly squared-off corridor framed with a timber post and lintel frame, further evidence that this is a mine. A number of small pine shrugs flank the entrance in the dirt near the base of the mountain.
Narrative Box: "Much later."
Tok: "<This looks good.>"
Tik: "<Better than the others at least.>"

Panel 3
The three gobos move closer with weapons drawn, getting halfway to the entrance before Bam turns to regard the area suspiciously. The frame of the the shot has become a circle...
Bam: "<I don't like it...>"

Panel 4
...and the view within the circle is revealed to be the same shown in a crystal ball, resting on a couple books and a box behind a podium. Whiskit - the blue light illuminating their features - is working the ball without touching it with paw-like hands and a focused expression.
Puccini, off-screen and telepathically: "Are they outside?"
Whiskit, thinking: "Yes, Puccini. I have eyes on them."
Tok, transmitting faintly through the crystal ball: "<Stop saying that!>"