“Transmission Terminated” They don’t make crystal balls like they used to. There’s nothing in the manual about not focusing in on explosions. Perhaps it’s covered by the warranty…

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Inside the abandoned mine, Bam, Tik and Tok come to a halt at one of the last wooden support posts before the passage ends at a large pile of rubble that was used to close the way off. While Tik, hands on hips and back to the viewer, gives the rubble an inspecting overview, Bam is quite excited at a potential prank about to be pulled off by Tok, who holds a bomb's fuse dangerously close to the flame of Tik's helmet candle. Tok brings a finger up in a silent shushing gesture, coaxing Bam - coiled in a crouch - from ruining the surprise.
Tik: "<We'll have to dig this out.>"

Panel 2
A closeup shot shows Tik's attention to the wall of rubble to the left (off-screen) attracted upward to the lit bomb flying overhead, fizzing audibly as it arcs away from its ignition point, pulling the tip of the candle's flame with a ripple. While Tik has a look of shock, raising hands defensively, Tok, with an impish expression, holds the one-handed toss pose, hand still hovering over Tik's hand...
Tik: "<Tok?!>"

Panel 3
...and then pulling the elbow down victoriously with a closed fist, eyes closed against the blast but sporting a wide grin. Tik's expression is more of a grimace, eyes tightly closed and hands balled into fists as they are both illuminated by the explosion, which utters out a loud "BAD-OOM". The blast wave threatens to snuff out Tik's candle, while the heat accelerates its melting process.

Panel 4
Back in Puccini's tower, the crystal ball that was resting on a couple books and a box behind a podium is now cracked and emitting smoky vapors, its blue light inconsistent and no longer sending an image. Whiskit's eyes are a swirl and the homunculus is leaning away from the ball in a daze.
Tik, transmitting faintly through the crystal ball and breaking up before fading out: "<Where di- you g-- th--?>"
Whiskit, thinking: "Not again..."