“Magic Bag” So I want to point out how – since there’s no audience surrogate that understands gobospeak – their speech loses translation. But I’m sure you’re more interested in that bag! More on that next week.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
A close-up on Tik reveals a gobo coated in explosion induced dust, the flame barely holding out after the helm's candle was reduced in size by the heat. The miner is getting up after having been knocked down by the blast and looks away from the partially cleared tunnel towards Tok (offscreen). But when Tik speaks the words, they fade back to gobospeak from the translation to the common tongue.
Tik, words reverting from the common tongue back to gobospeak: "<Where did you get that?"

Panel 2
Tik was not the only one to be affected by the blast, but Tok is pleasantly impressed. The smile comes not just from the result but also by the small pouch that the gobo presents to Tik (offscreen) with displaying hands. Bam - who has begun wiping off some of the soot with a rag and leaving a hand-shaped clean spot on the face - comes in from the right...

Panel 3
...and then slips around the back of Tok to the other side to get a better of view of what exactly is happening. Tok has shoved the left arm deep within the bag, rummaging about blindly. Impossibly deep as the bag hangs loosely where its held at the bicep by the other hand.

Panel 4
After a moment, Tok pulls out another bomb and thrusts it forward towards Tik (offscreen) with beaming eyes and a wide grin. Bam grins as well, keeping close to the bomb as it moves closer and about to touch it with a finger, as if to test if it is real.