“Check List” When you have a bag of seemingly limitless storage capacity, it’s good idea to keep inventory. Especially if you intend to keep it instead of returning it to its rightful owner.

Be careful out there.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Inside the cave in a closeup shot of a sheet of vellum, Tik's left hand holds it steady while the other - wielding a pencil - makes notations in the form of pictograph icons with tally marks in sets of five. There are thirty tallies and at least eight for two items that have icons hidden as the vellum edge curls away but, going let to right and down the list, there are accounts for: one spear, one ring, one sword, three gems, and one scroll. Tik is in the process of adding a new icon to the list...

Panel 2
...when the view shifts to the passage within the mine where Bam is digging out the last bit of soot out of an ear with a handkerchief and Tok, using a similar piece of cloth, dusts away the bomb residue from an arm. Tok addresses Tik (offscreen) with a pouty expression.
Tok: "<I guess we have to return the pouch to Poo?>"

Panel 3
The scene shifts back to Tik, glancing up from the sheet and raising the pencil while considering Tok's words...

Panel 4
...before returning back to the scribing with a slight smirk.
Tik: "<No. We will not be returning the pouch.>"