“Planning Heists” That’s right, Bam. Why set your sights so low? The sky’s the limit when burglaring with a sack of infinite* capacity! Unrelated, since this trio has seen the outside of Puccini’s tower, they have a better “word” for it than Puccini Head + Generic Tower.

Be careful out there.

*Effectively infinite. Item storable limited by opening size. Manufacturer not responsible if capacity is somehow exceeded.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Inside the mine's main tunnel, Tik, Bam and Pok are discussing the recent discovery. Tik grins, taking a moment away from the inventory list, lowering it while pointing the back end of the pencil towards Tok. Bam appears somewhat confused at the exchange, focusing on Tok as the gobo miner points towards Tik with the hand holding the handkerchief.
Tik: "<We'll grab all the bombs from Poo's tower and load them in that bag.>"
Tok: "<And all the tower's potions. We'll pack them too.>"

Panel 2
Tik and Tok pause to regard Bam, as the gobo looks to Tik and adds to the conversation, handkerchief waving as hands gesture for a large amount.
Bam: "<Why don't we taking everything in the tower inside that pouch?>"

Panel 3
Tik smiles, hands casually raised in defeat and sending the pencil and piece of parchment up and off to the floor. This action is mostly lost on Bam, who raises an arm defensively and leans away from Tok, who's handkerchief drops before the gobo miner crouches - fists balled and pumped - with an expression of jaw-dropping astonishment.

Panel 4
Tik directs the smile to Bam and applauds lightly as Tok jumps back (towards the viewer) while pointing two fingers at Bam, indicating the awesomeness of the gobos question. Bam, hand behind the head and looking between both miners, is uncertain about the recent reactions and offers a weak, nervous smile.