“Hard Work” I bet you didn’t see this coming. Tik, Tok and Wak pushing their concrete ex-boss towards the woods. Pōk didn’t see it either. Just the sight of it all seems quite humorous to our patch-eyed gobo. It looks like very difficult and hard work, moving the once-living statue over such a distance. Just how much does a petrified troll weigh? Clearly, this is not just a whimsical test of strength to pass the time before heading out on the road once more. They are performing a task assigned to them earlier by Nob. And luckily, Pōk is not on this physically intensive job detail.

It is never nice to laugh at other people’s misfortune. Given enough time, it will come back to bite you. For Pōk, this turnabout has come much earlier than expected. It seems that this is only the first part of a much larger task. Once Krak has been moved closer to the tree, part two begins. And it looks like Nob has a very specific task in mind for our one-eyed lookout. And this task apparently involves climbing high up in that tree. I wonder what the plan is?

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