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Sign: Party of Adventurers™ Mine

“Welcome Home” Have you ever found yourself in a story so engrossing that you’ve lost track of space and time? In the distant past, you would have to get your tale through word of mouth or a book. While you can still tell a person a story in person or send them a message, communication has improved in leaps and bound in just the last century and a half. The telephone changed the way we communicate forever and lets us gab away over long distances. And now we have the internet. Because of this, anything from the latest news to social postings to tabloid articles are at your fingertips. You can find yourself in an internet hole fast and not come out for hours!

It seems like Pat is a bit of a gossip or, at the very least, a good storyteller. It is definitely helping them pass the time on their long hike. Pat’s story is so intriguing that our two lead Gobos have missed some familiar landmarks. How exactly do you overlook your first campsite, or a petrified troll over twice your size? Any further and they would have crossed over the “welcome home mat“.

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