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Off-stage: [(We at) the river (yet)?!]

“Little Toot” And there we have it. With one final “are we there yet”, our intrepid leader has gone slightly madNob has heard this turn of phrase for far too long. Enough is enough. To quote Popeye, “that’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more”. It is now time to put a stop to this ceaseless cadence. But before our leader can do something very regrettable, our crowned gobo gets a little warning. Just a little toot to put it all into focus. The emphasis here is on “little” because Hob’s horn blast isn’t at its usual high volume. It is a simple reminder of the earlier incident that shook Hob’s respect for Nob.

I think these two have finally come to an understanding in that regard. How long this will last is, of course, anybody’s guess. The key point (besides volume control) is that it is never good to respond quickly, especially in anger. Knee-jerk reactions might be good on a handful of occasions but they are almost never beneficial when fueled by frustration. And that will likely get you in trouble. Level heads with time to analyze the situation will prevail.

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