↓ Transcript
Nob: [Gobos]
Nob: [(It will take) time to walk to the river]
Nob: ...

“Behind You” It is time for Nob to calm the masses, remove their worries. It will be difficult to complete a journey of any length with troubled minds. Unfortunately, it can be even harder if you’re not sure exactly how long that winding road may be. But before Nob can complete the intended address for the inquiring gobos, Hob has spotted something behind them. Apparently, our little knight has better hearing than the fearless leader. And it must be something important to distract the crowned gobo. Although interrupted, Nob is quite calm and stops the speech. Keeping that calm while seeing something unexpected? Not so much. Thankfully, their backs are turned to the others who are likely to be more inquisitive at what is going on. All that chanting of “are we there yet?” could turn into “what’s behind you?”

So, what is going on behind everyone’s back? There isn’t any punchline this week but stay tuned. There will be a big reveal on October 12th!

And don’t forget that it is Inktober 2018! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram page to see some stand-alone, (mostly) non-canon black & white art featuring our beloved gobos! I will eventually be adding these images to an art gallery page on the website. But don’t wait until then! Go check it out now (and follow for immediate access)!

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