↓ Transcript
Tok: [(Hey) Tik!]
Tok: [Let's set a bomb...]
Tok: [...to knock down a tree]
Tok: [We can use the tree (as bridge)]
Tik: [The tree will break and we'll die]

“Jury Rig” It appears that Nob has gone to the engineering mind of the group. It looks like Tik has been up all night trying to devise a plan to cross the gorge. But wait! What is this? Apparently, all that hard work and equating can be set aside! Tok has just arrived on the scene with some wonderful news! It is a very simple solution. First, you place a bomb at the base of a tree. Second, you blow up said tree so that it spans the divide. Third, everyone crosses the tree to the other side of the gorge. It need only be a three-step procedure. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Or does it? Tik thinks the plan is flawed in a number of ways. How many trees must be blasted before you get a tree that lands correctly? Even if you could get the tree to land correctly in the first place, where is the structural integrity? Secondly, such a blast would likely shred the wood or traumatize the ground around the base. Any movement along the length of the tree could cause the ground to give or the wood to split, causing those upon it to tumble into the gorge. No, Tik prefers a well devised plan over jury rig and concludes that the simplest solutions are not always the best.

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