↓ Transcript
Tik: [For us to cross the gorge...]
Tik: [First we get rope, second (we toss it), third we hook the grapple on a tree, fourth...]
Nob: ...
Nob: [I will lose my balance!], curses, [I'll fall to my death!], curses, [You want me dead?!?]

“First Draft” It’s been a long night of discarded ideas but Tik has finally developed a plan. It doesn’t just take a well drawn blueprint to convince others of potential success. You will also need a solid presentation to sway the listener to your side. Tik has both and is rolling right into the heart of the pitch. However, Nob has seen something on this first draft which doesn’t sit well with the gobo leader. It might have something to do with a certain close call that happened on their initial trip to the edge of the gorge.

It is a little difficult to put your faith in something that is essentially three pieces of rope crossing an expanse, especially after seeing how far the drop is. And Nob is quite vocal about everything that could go wrong. In other words, this plan has been vetoed. It just goes to show you that what you think is a good idea might not hold water for others. So it is now back to the drawing board for Tik, who will have to come up with a more “solid” solution. Perhaps something you can’t see through when you walk over it?

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