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Hob: [(Hey) Nob?]
Hob: [Fip is getting food]
Hob: [Zip is pitching a tent]
Nob: [We're gonna die]

“Bad News” It is never an enviable task to bring bad news to anyone, especially your boss. Friends and loved ones tend to be more understanding than most. But if some issue needs to be brought up to an authority figure – especially one you’ve rarely work with – you never know how they might react. Will they explode with anger? Are they going to fire you? Will you have to fire someone? In most cases, you might feel like the bad guy or that you were fully responsible, even if you weren’t.

Is Hob standing at attention or bracing for Nob’s reaction to the bad news? Well, the armored gobo is quite familiar with outbursts when bad news is reported. Perhaps it is both. So, is it worse when they just shrug it off? Probably. It is pretty bad when a boss outright ignores an issue that is brought to their attention. It is even more so if they have a negative or defeatist attitude about it. Things do not look exceptionally well for this quartet of gobos. You have a disheartened leader, an inaccurate hunter… and then you are relying upon Zip’s tent building skills to provide shelter!

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