↓ Transcript
Hob: [I'll go to Nob, Zip will get food, and Fip will pitch a tent]
Zip: [It's broken]
Hob: [I'll go to Nob...]
Fip: [I'll get food]
Hob: [...and Zip will pitch a tent]

“Delegating Responsibilities” Now that the group has been reduced to four, it is very important that their jobs be taken seriously. With Nob in a bad place, it is up to Hob to get their leader back to normal. Since the two are already in the mindset, our armored gobo takes the lead and begins delegating responsibilities. With Hob watching over Nob, that means the other two will have to deal with food and shelter. Normally, you would choose the best archer to do just that. Someone hasn’t forgotten about a little accident that happened recently. Despite their dire straits, Fip can’t help enjoying the opportunity to be the big hunter.

Have any of you ever heard of hammerspace? Certain cartoons and anime I used to watch used it often and Gobo Gazette employs this same phenomenon for practical reasons. Primarily, this is done to keep the character designs simple. I didn’t want to weigh them down with sheathes, pouches and other accoutrements. And it reduces the time it takes to create the comic. If I didn’t simplify things, character gear might look like this! Let’s just say that everyone is really good at stowing their items.

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