“Reckless Takedown” Does Fip actually have a shot lined up? Or is the act of pulling back arrow after arrow and letting loose just that satisfying? Just look at that face! So full of joy! It is definitely all about “how many arrows I can put into the sky before the first hits something”. Just between you and me, I think bagging a badger was not our little friend’s intent. At all. Well, at least it is confirmed that the four of them will have quite a feast tonight. (And while we are on the topic of badgers…)

Unfortunately, when you loose a dozen arrows haphazardly in a forest, you are bound to hit something unintended. Or, to be more specific, someone! Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like the arrow did much damage to the big guy. Clearly, he can take a hit or two from a reckless takedown such as this. On the other hand, the look on his face does not bode well for our quartet. not at all. Let us hope that whatever bad feeling may have been stirred up by this stray shot disappear fast. Knowing their current luck, this is probably unlikely.

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