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Tik: [Douse the lights]

“Hundred Proof” It appears that Pōk has found where the light is coming from, although it is not that bright. The lighting, however, should be sufficient for the gobos to proceed without the aid of torchlight. And that is exactly what Tik proposes to the others. Why draw any more attention to their movement than is needed? Especially in an unknown and dangerous place like this. Stealth is the proper approach to such situations.

Have you ever heard of people losing their glasses despite being on top of their heads? Perhaps this is the reasoning behind Tok’s “inventive” way of dousing Tik’s candle. It is just another way to assist in the lights out protocol. More than likely, this circus stunt was to have a bit of fun. What is in that calabash, anyway? Whatever it is, it must have a high alcohol content. At least one hundred proof. I believe you need that much to be able to create a fireball. That and a decent ability to spray liquids. Although we don’t have any spit takes on the Instagram page, our followers would know that Tok is no stranger to fermented brews. (That first link is likely canon.)

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