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“Every Path Was Its Tributary” After a long time traversing the tunnel, our four spelunking gobos have found an underground cavern. And they discovered that there is a stream running through it. It will be a great source for nourishment for as long as it takes the quartet to find their way out. Bam is quick to realize this, but the others didn’t need a fish to come to that conclusion. The most pressing issue on their minds is finding shelter, and quickly. They must find a safe haven from spiders before they can even think of food and water. Or other dangers… Those two skeletons they saw in the tunnels were once living individuals. And with those shackles, it is doubtful they came in through the gorge crevice. These four are likely headed towards what the pair was fleeing from. Nothing sinister about that.

From water within, we turn to water without and step back in time once more. After a dip in the river of Snake Gorge, Nak emerges from below the water line.  It is revealed that, when it comes to gobos, the whole dozen survived the bridge incident. And quite a long drop the last four had, surviving using Pat’s picnic blanket as a makeshift parachute. Nik, Nak, Pat Pat and Wak – yes, that is a “This Old Man” reference – have regrouped on a log. At the very least, they don’t have to worry about drowning. What is next for our final four? Only time will tell, so keep tuning in every Friday!

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