“Teeter Totter” As expected, there is only so much room on that log for the gobos, let alone a large beast. Although they are in a panic, the quartet has one thing going for them. Wak’s kick to the chimera’s nose has bought them time to group up. Balancing was going to become tricky, but it looks like Nak has a plan to get everyone out of danger. And when you jump off of a teeter totter with someone, they go quickly to the ground. Or riverbed in this case.

So are they out of danger? Perhaps they are clear of the immediate threat. These four gobos have proven that they can swim. Right now, it is relatively calm water in the river. But they haven’t had much time to rest either. Drowning is still an issue they might have to deal with. Hopefully they can swim to the shore before exhaustion sets in. And what if the chimera survives the deep plunge once more? It has proven itself an equally capable swimmer. And quite determined as well. The little ones won’t have much time to catch their breath before trying to once more elude their predatory pursuer.

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