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Pat: [Where are Nob, Hob, Fip and Zip?]
Nak: [Safe on the clifftop]
Nak: [Where are Tik, Tok, Bam and Pōk]
Nik: [Safe in a cave]
Nik: [Where's the beast?]

“Quick Summary” At the very least we have learned that all of the gobos are concerned about their lost companions. Apparently, this group has a better idea of what happened to the others than they do. Perhaps it was that brief moment of parachute gliding they had before taking the plunge into the river. So, in the end, everyone survived. Of course they have absolutely no idea what had happened to them after that moment. They have no clue that each quartet had run afoul of some kind of trouble. And it seems that trouble has found them as well.

The rest of the group was so busy with their quick summary that they completely missed what Wak has noticed: the chimera survived as well! It seems that the beast also thought the log was a good refuge from the depths. There is only so much room on that log and its getting awfully crowded. Our little lumberjack is fending it off for now with some well placed kicks… that has got to smart. There are only going to be so many lucky boots to the head on a log rolling down the river. It looks like a fight is about to begin.

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