“Waterlogged Hunter” There was definitely not enough time for our four gobos to catch their breathes. You can only rely on adrenaline for so long. Really, it is only good for short bursts of energy. That leap from the log and the long swim to shore must have emptied their tanks completely. And now, they just have no more juice when their pursuer finally catches up with them. Boy, is that chimera persistent! They have leapt out of the frying pan that was the river but are now facing down the fire. There legs must be like cinder blocks because they don’t flee. They don’t even budge. They just try to mount a feeble last stand against this predator.

But hope has not abandoned them. Not just yet. It would appear that the beast must have taken in quite a lot of water during the whole ordeal. Perhaps it almost drowned when the log plunged deep into the river. Maybe some water got into its lungs during the struggle to get back to the surface. Either way, the waterlogged hunter is blasting the gobos with a high-pressure deluge instead of a fiery jet. The only thing the quartet needs to fear from its breath is drowning.

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