↓ Transcript
Tik: [Nob, Hob, Fip and Zip are above us]
Nak: [Yes]
Nak: [We need to go to them]

“What Now?” With the reunion celebration behind them, the gobos have to determine what their next joint course of action is. Leadership, in this case, falls to the two team leaders: Tik and Nak. Of course, there is a recap of who knows what happened to Nob and the rest of the gobos that made it to the top of the cliff. It seems the little ones are preoccupied with the state of their little tribe. It is quite endearing to see such concern for family. With the top crew’s survival confirmed – at least from what was seen before splashing down into the river – Nak moves that the expanded group tries to locate them.

This would seem to be a daunting task. I mean, they are underground in a cave network near the end of the river that swept them far from the bridge disaster. Getting back up is one thing, finding them is another. It is a large area to traverse, let alone finding a quartet of gobos. But apparently has some good news! The one-eyed scout has spotted Fip! This would be great news indeed, except that the little archer appears to have been stripped of armor and gear, is sweeping the cave(?), and has been shackled to a ball and chain. And the cave has turned into a structure of some sort? Well, they found them. The question is: what now?

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