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Pōk: [Spiders]

“Pass the Wide Waters Lonely Sailing” The bad part about setting sail so late in the day is that it gets dark soon after the trip begins. Now this isn’t too big of an issue since the gobos can see in the dark, to some degree. But it is quite a cloudy night and, even when the moon peaks out from behind the clouds, it is likely still obscured by the high canyon walls. With the beach running out, it is lucky that Nak happened to spot the cave entrance. And that cave leads to a tunnel that opens up into a small cavern. That tunnel looks familiar, doesn’t it? And now it is Pat’s turn to spot something in the low light.

It is very hard to not get excited when seeing friends and family, especially after being separated for some time. And some time must have passed for Tik and the gang. We’ve seen it take at least a couple of days for Nak’s group to deal with the chimera and work on a boat. It probably took longer than that, with Wak’s wanderlust lumber-jacking. Meanwhile, the spelunkers have been trekking the entire time through the cave network of Snake Gorge’s northern wall. And here they meet, in a small cavern with a touch of ambient light. Very interesting.

But who cares about lighting when friends are around! Everyone chips in to help bring the boat close to shore and secure it so that everyone can debark. And not a moment too soon! Well in Nak’s defense, the boating crew didn’t have the engineering know-how of Tik and Tok at their disposal. But it was able to get everyone together and that is what matters. I can just imagine Tok and Wak dancing like they did in the 30’s! Let the hugs and tale telling commence!

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