↓ Transcript
Nik (whispering): [Fip]
Nik (whispering): [Where are Hob, Nob and Zip]
Fip (whispering): [Behind the cell door]

“Drop Anchor” It would appear that Nik and Bam have crept up to the barrels near Fip. It is not like anyone is in the vicinity but caution is likely advised. Especially when venturing into unknown, and apparently civilized – territory. To say that our emerald archer is excited to see the others is without question. And Fip’s declaration that the rest are behind a prison door must be reassuring. What is not reassuring is a distracted Bam touching things that shouldn’t be touched. Thank goodness for quick reflexes. It looks like they will grab Fip before the gobo prisoner is dragged to the murky depths.

Will this be the last of the nautical terms? I mean, the gobo ship has sunk. Well, they are near water, it is fitting for the scene and… I’m on a bit of a roll. To be honest, I was going to go with “anchors away” instead of “drop anchor” for the alliteration, but it really is the opposite of what is happening here. Did you know that the correct term is actually “anchors aweigh“? It shows you just how much nautical knowledge I actually possess. Even the creation of a crude little comic can open your eyes to information you did not have originally. It also shows that you are never to old to learn something new.

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