↓ Transcript
Nik (whispering): [We're going to take out the human]

“Not Now” Fip has likely escorted Bam away from the front line. This is a stealth mission after all; It is best not to be shouting with the raiders present. Apparently, Tik and Tok are the replacements. Now, Nik is a pretty sneaky gobo. It should not be a problem taking out the lone guard or picking the lock to the cell. The problem is doing both at the same time. So having a planner like Tik is an asset. A calculated action plan will make this rescue run smoothly and quickly. So priority one is to go over what needs to be done. Tik is listening.

Tok is listening too. A decisive and expedient method is at their disposal. Not only is Tok the first to mention it, the gobo bombardier always mentions it. I am sure that if the gobos were to do a full-scale raid of this location, the use of bombs would be readily accepted. But, as mentioned earlier, this is a stealth mission. Tik has clearly had enough of this line of thinking. With a simple hand motion, our candle-top gobo tells Tok “not now, adults are talking“. Explosives are off the table. In this case, off the dock and into the drink.

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