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Wak: [(Found) the key]

“Mob Rules” Nik, likely with approval from Tik, is on the prowl. The plan appears to be as follows: Firstly, lift the keys from the guard’s belt. Secondly, unlock the cell. Thirdly, free the captives. This is a pretty sound plan based on Nik’s capacity to be a sneaky gobo.

But there is one thing in this locale that would be tough even for Nik. Now, we have seen in the past how enthusiastic gobos can get at the thought of treasure. And two other gobos – very enthusiastic gobos – have been close enough to eyeball that chest. So, it is not much of a surprise to see Bam and Tok launching themselves at the raider to take him out of the picture. Of course, the beat down is much louder than picking pockets and doors. But who could blame them? Thankfully for the guard, Wak was distracted by the very thing Nik was looking for…

Whenever I hear the phrase, “the mob rules” I think of the Black Sabbath song… specifically from the Heavy Metal soundtrack. I would link straight to the scene, but it is a bit violent and inappropriate for younger viewers. Actually, the whole movie falls into that category. I still love it, even though the animation might be a bit dated.

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