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Fip (whispering): [Some of the humans went to a ship, one is asleep by the cell]
Nik (whispering): [Bam, get the others]

“Voices Carry” Nik once more relies on a preternatural talent for picking locks with a dagger. We seen it once before when a bunch of the gobos were thrown into a cell by Krak the Troll. It worked back then so it is no surprise that such an unwieldy lock pick would work once more. While the “thievery” commences, Fip enlightens the rescuers with the status of security in the underground fortress. So, while the majority of the raiders are busy with the ship, they should have no problem dealing with the lone guard and freeing the rest of the captive gobos. They just have to be sneaky.

Before we touch on that… have you ever played a game where everyone takes turns? You’ve been waiting so long for your turn, but it is taking forever! Maybe somebody doesn’t know the rules. Maybe they know them too well. Either way, it can be quite boring when you’re waiting for your time to shine. So can anyone really blame Bam for the well-spring of enthusiasm felt when it is time to do something. Alert the others? No problem! Thankfully, Fip is unchained before a shout can be sounded. Bam, hush. Keep it down now. Voices carry.

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