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Nik: [The crown (might be) in the chest?]
Fip (thinking): [Where's the guard?]
Fip: [(Oooo,) my bow?]

“Lock Picking” With all of the racket that has been happening during this rescue, Nik, is foregoing the lowered voices. Clearly, the sooner they get their gear and get out, the better. So when Nob asked where it might, the most likely and immediate answered would be the nearby chest. And, since they have the keys, lock picking will not be needed. Actually, when you have a handful of gobos riding the wave of taking down a raider, the picking of locks is definitely not needed. Oh, you three. Trying to be helpful. And what better way to end this “stealth” mission than with a spectacular, over the top finish?

These hi-jinks do not amuse Nik in the least. They are in a dangerous place and they should be cautious. Fip was on the same page as Nik from the get-go, and is also rightfully concerned. The subdued guard is no where to be seen. But even our emerald archer is quick to put that thought aside to make room for the possibility of loot. More importantly, the recovery of prized possessions. What is one misplaced raider when you are moments away from getting your precious bow back?

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