↓ Transcript
Zip (whispering): [(Hey,) Tik?]
The Captain (off-stage): Oh no you don't!
The Captain: How had is it for you people to keep these things in line?!

“These Things” It is time to gear up! Not only does the chest have the items stolen from the gobos at the top of the cliff. It also has articles from the other side as well, left behind during the initial chimera attack. I guess the investigating raiders found their abandoned camp. But that can’t be everything. Even with the concept of hammerspace in play, there is only so much one person – or container – can hold… even on Gobo Gazette! Knowing how they are when there is a hint of treasure about, I am sure the gobos will be on the look out for other chests. Plus Nik has the keys so they won’t have to resort to ye ole bash ‘n’ grab.

They may have to put treasure hunting aside for the moment. It looks like all their antics have finally brought them trouble. At least we know what happened to that raider. He survived, although a bit worse for wear. And he brought his leader. And the boss man is not too happy with how his men are handling these “things”.

For those who haven’t noticed, the raiders are using the old fortress at the very end of Snake Gorge. That would be the little building due east of Nob’s finger on the map. I believe there are enough locations now that I can make a page for them. I don’t expect it to be soon but I’ll be working on it.

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